Texting: A Tool or a Torch

While I really like communicating with a short text, of late, I am finding that it is ruining some of the relationships I have nourished and cherished for years.

I can remember when I began using texts as a form of communication, my son was in high school. I sent him a text announcing dinner from the kitchen while he played video games in the basement. I thought it was funny, he did not. I loved the new shorter language and laughed while trying to decipher what people were texting. It was fun.

But now, texting has become a problem. In my world, people are using text rather than more traditional means of communication and messages have been skewed, missed, misinterpreted, and ignored. I am not one who carries my phone on my hip checking in by the minute to see what’s up and because of that, I miss some texts. I love technology and the ability to connect in a variety of ways. But I also see it as a way to detach and test true friendships and here is why.

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