Maurice Berglund

Vice President Non-Ferrous

Sadoff Iron & Metal


“Our entire organization was thrilled with Judy’s approach & methods of training! The spirit of our sessions was quite lively, which in turn helped make the learning fun and the team-building concepts go further. The results are evident in the higher levels of confidence & enthusiasm in our sales (purchasing) staff. A lot of new technical knowledge was imparted as well, much more so than if we had run our own training internally. I would recommend finding out if Judy’s mentoring would be a fit for your organization too!”


Bob Brewer

President, SMR

Business Consultant


“It has been my experience that Judy has been able to take effective, proven sales techniques and strategies, and apply them to the any business in a way that uniquely targets the industry. While most programs attempt a broad-brush, “one-size-fits-all” approach, she analyzes the special needs of her clients and forges a solution.”


Michael Martin

National Account Manager

Shapiro Metals


‘I did not personally hire Judy, I was blessed to have been a recipient of her sales coach and leadership development process while I was at a previous employer early in my career. The tools, knowledge and sense of accomplishment, coupled with her acknowledging and quantifying my self-value has been priceless in my career and personal development. I can sincerely say, I would not be who I am today if I had not met Judy Ferraro.

I would strongly encourage, anyone in any industry, looking to further develop their sales and marketing staff to hire Judy Ferraro. What she provides is priceless.”


“I wanted to thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge with our sales team. You really helped us with our focus and direction especially in the areas of goal setting and cold calling techniques. You have already made us stronger as a sales team. I know I feel more comfortable in my position.. Most of all, you motivated us with humor and fun.”

“I have been fortunate to sit in on several of Judy’s presentations over the years, and she can always be counted on to be informed and informative, lively and humorous, and professional without being boring. You can’t find a more effective–and fun–teacher on sales training and more. I give her two big thumbs up!”

“Judy first started working with our company as a sales trainer. It wasn’t long before we had Judy Ferraro & Associates, Inc. running projects in marketing, public relations, computer training, human resources to name a few. She is an asset to our company.”

“Thank you for all the sales support this year. I have enjoyed working with Judy Ferraro & Associates. Your passion shows through in your work.”

“Time flew by during the training sessions with Judy Ferraro & Associates and I left with some areas to self reflect and make improvements in my approach.”

“I greatly enjoyed the training, not only as a reminder of what skills are important in my own job, but also the interaction with other company members. I learned it is important to move out of our comfort zone to work better with others.”

“I really enjoyed the training. Sometimes I dread training as they are planned and so cut and dry that it is almost hard to focus. I felt it was easy to stay in tune with the speaker because everything was so engaging and group focused.”

“Judy Ferraro & Associates, Inc. provided outstanding training for my team members. Not only have they started applying their listening and communication skills, and they use the bells every time a new piece of business is wirtten. We even play Zip, Zap, Zop on Friday mornings.”

“Judy appealed to my employees, due to the fact that she’s experienced in what they do, on a day to day basis.”

New Business Development/Telemarketing

“Judy Ferraro & Associates has successfully helped Aon Consulting execute our sales and marketing strategy by delivering customized telemarketing services to targeted prospects. One of our largest accounts in our practice is a direct result of Judy’s team efforts. Aon works with large Fortune 500 clients where the sales cycle can be 9-12 months and involve lots of internal resources to close a piece of business. Judy allows my teams to focus on qualified deals, while at the same time, continuously hunt for new business and keep our name out there. She enables us to be scalable and deliver a highly professional image and message to our prospective customers.”

“Judy’s calling team has done a terrific job for our company. I have been impressed with the quality of your service. The follow up skills are some of the best that I have ever seen! That is a true gift that so many people do not have. Prospecting comes naturally to the inside sales team at Judy Ferraro & Associates.”

“I can’t believe the follow up that comes with the New Business Development program at Judy Ferraro & Associates, Inc. The callers follow up regularly with people they have reached and holds our own sales people accountable for this expenditure.”